Chemotherapy and biological therapy

What is chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy uses drugs to treat breast cancer. Systemic therapies have evolved dramatically over the recent years and we know from scientific evidence that surgery alone cannot cure the cancer completely in all cases. Although surgery remains the mainstay of treatment for breast cancer, some patients, particularly those we have involved lymph nodes or large tumours will also require chemotherapy drugs to treat the cancer more effectively.

How long does chemotherapy last?

Chemotherapy is given as intravenous treatment over the course of a few weeks or months and you will see a Specialist Oncology Consultant when you require chemotherapy.

When will I start chemotherapy?

Routinely, we give patients chemotherapy after surgery, however in some selected cases chemotherapy drugs can be given beforehand, in order to shrink the tumour and make surgery technically more feasible. There are also some rare cases where unfortunately the cancer is too large at the time of diagnosis or invades the neighbouring skin or the chest wall muscles. In such cases, chemotherapy is recommended to be given before surgery, in order to make the cancer operable by Mr Charalampoudis after completion of chemotherapy.

Mr Charalampoudis runs special joint consultation clinics with top consultant oncology colleagues across London, in order to provide a more comprehensive experience for his patients and help them engage better with their treatments.

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