Breast Reconstruction

About 3 out of 10 patients with breast cancer will require a mastectomy as they will not be suitable for breast-conserving surgery. Patients facing mastectomy will sail through challenging times as they will be recommended to have their breast removed to treat the cancer. Oncoplastic and reconstructive surgery of the breast have dramatically evolved over the last year and Mr Charalampoudis is a fully trained, accomplished reconstructive surgeon of the breast. Not only Mr Charalampoudis offers state of the art, safe and oncologically sound surgery for breast cancer, he will also offer you a reconstruction of the breast at the same time of your surgery, provided you are a suitable candidate for such a procedure.

Who is suitable for Breast Reconstructive surgery?

Most patients are candidates for immediate breast reconstruction, meaning that during the operation to remove the breast cancer, Mr Charalampoudis will also reconstruct your breast, either with a silicone implant or your own tissue.

How will I be prepared for my surgery?

Mr Charalampoudis will give you ample time and information to reflect on your reconstructive options and will recommend the best type of reconstruction to suit your individual needs, preferences, and body type. He will also discuss with you whether it is safe to preserve your nipple during reconstruction of the breast.

What happens if my nipple cannot be preserved during my surgery?

If you are not a candidate for nipple preservation, Mr Charalampoudis will be able to reconstruct your nipple at a later stage using a state of the art surgical technique combines with medical nipple tattooing.

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