A breast lump is the most common symptom that patients present with in the one stop breast clinic. It is very important to note that any breast lump needs to be promptly assessed by a breast health specialist.

What are the causes of Breast Lumps?

The majority of patients presenting with breast lumps will be reassured and discharged following assessment of their breast lumps. Only about 3 to 5% of all patients who present with a lump in the breast clinic will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

How are Breast Lumps assessed in clinic?

During the visit in the one stop breast clinic, Mr Charalampoudis will take a full medical and family history and will perform a clinical breast examination. Following clinical examination Mr Charalampoudis will request a mammogram and an ultrasound on the same day of your visit. A mammogram and an ultrasound may be complimented by a biopsy (tissue sampling). It is very important that you remain breast-aware in-between visits to the breast specialist and that anything that looks different or abnormal to you during self-examination should warrant a visit to the breast specialist as soon as possible.

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