May 4, 2020
Written by Mr Charalampoudis

How to remain breast aware during coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the face of every day life dramatically and healthcare has been massively affected. Focus has unavoidably shifted on to treating patients with Covid-19. Moreover, lockdown measures have increasingly prevented patients from visiting the hospital for symptoms related to non-covid conditions.

From early on in the pandemic, I have noticed that understandably, a lot of our patients have been reluctant to visit our breast clinics in fear of disease transmission. This however can lead to a breast cancer being missed. I have been part of a Team of consultants launching a campaign to inform our patients of what to look for in terms of symptoms and also to provide you, our patients, with reassurance that our Breast Clinics (NHS and some private ones) remain open and accept patients who may have symptoms and signs suspicious of breast cancer.

To our patients: Please remain breast aware and do not forget to check your breasts at least once a month. If you notice any of the following please seek a referral to a breast clinic:

A new lump in your breast

Skin changes (swelling or redness of your breast skin)

Lumps or bumps under the armpit

Nipple discharge, i.e. fluid coming out of your nipple

Any distortion, asymmetry or change in shape of your breast

Breast pain

Please remember: If you have a symptom, we want to see you and we are able to treat you

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